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It seems to be much more interactive than the last game.

Will we be able to walk and stuff in the game?

The game looks sick tho.


When is the Released Date? I hope its FREE!

when it’s ready, and i dont know what it will cost

Okay :)


i really want to play it soon!

It’s currently not in active development as I’m busy working on a much larger project with a team, but we do plan to return to it once we’re finished :)


Wow!! i looks soo good!! i cant wait for it to release!! i am exited!!


damn cant wait for its release

Me too :)

wow i cant wait #general (


looks sick can't wait


broooooo this looks sick

Bruh when will this game be ready?

will the game come out soon?


This looks cool! How much minutes will it take to play this game?

about 4 minutes

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when is it coming out?




who is ready? for this game?


this looks fun!




When Is The Game Coming Out Now? Is Close To Coming 


Sorry, it's not very close to being finished. Please be patient as I work on it :)




i'm excited as well. keep making these amazing games.


I'm so ready.


So excited!