Version 1.2

Just finished up the 1.2 version. It has a few bug fixes, and a minor change in the middle of the game that solves a lot of the problems I saw people had with the game. Lot's of people didn't know that you could throw the item away that's in your hand! I didn't expect this, so I have a new "question" that should teach you that you can do this. I also fixed a typo in the ending (one of the sentences didn't have a period!)

Anyways, all three versions of the game should be the same now, but the Linux and Mac versions are still undergoing testing and feedback which should finish up shortly!

- Adam "PixelDough" Worrell


Start Survey? 28 MB
Nov 22, 2019
Start Survey? (Linux Beta) 34 MB
Nov 20, 2019
Start Survey? (Mac OS Beta) 31 MB
Nov 21, 2019

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I cant even download or even play it



when I click the file not in

it’s not letting me play

why i cant play

Hello, PixelDough!! When I try to start the game it tells me that unityplayer.dll is not found. I have tried re-installing and still it does not work. Please let me know if there is a fix. Thank you!

i downloaded it but when i clicked on the file, it wouldnt let me in.

why is it not letting me download?

i cant download

It's not letting me download the file


Hey, the game keeps crashing every time I launch it. I launch it, a screen pops up saying "Start Survey- Unity" along with a bunch of numbers. Did this only happen to me or are others experiencing this issue?

i cant even download it

me neithe