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Deep underground, a government science facility lies dormant and abandoned. But when a man wakes up from being held in stasis, he must face whatever technological horrors caused the facility to shut itself off from the surface, and make it out alive.

In this first person exploration game, you will find audio cassettes left by the scientists who once operated the establishment. Use the clues you can find to get out alive.

Made in two months for the Haunted PS1 Game Jam!

Time to beat: 15-25 minutes.

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Tagshauntedps1, Horror, Low-poly, Pixel Art, Unity
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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TheNotzingProject (1.0) Mac.zip 60 MB
TheNotzingProject (1.0) PC.zip 57 MB


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It was really short, i really enjoted it while it lasted. Nice graphics, i didn't see a lot of story, too short. Good game!

The TV guy didn't even appear for me at the end.

I just flipped the last switch before pressing the button. After that I just walked straight to the lift.

Thanks for letting me know! I've seen this happen to a YouTuber as well, and I honestly have no clue what causes it. I don't really have any plans to update the game right now, but if I end up figuring out what causes this bug, I will definitely wrap it up with a few other fixes and update it.

Thank you!

Great game, I did a speedrun of it

I had quite a few issues with the game which I detail in the video. Sadly I think the camera lock bug was the only thing preventing me from finishing the game.

Played it along with some other Jam games! (Your game starts at 32:08)

Thanks for playing my game, along with all the other great jam games!

Funnily enough, the camera "bug" isn't a bug at all. In fact, the other people who have played my game encountered a bug that made it NOT happen! The TV has the power of hypnotism, so once it locks onto you, you cannot look away. The challenge is making sure you know how to get back to the elevator while being chased down. 

As for the other issues, there are graphics options in the settings menu. The control issues you had are due to having the graphics options set too high, which causes lag and input stuttering. In the event that you set them in the main menu but they didn't work in game, they likely got reset upon loading the game, and you simply have to change them from within the game (this would be a bug I'm aware of, but cannot update due to the nature of the Game Jam). Other people have had a similar issue, some much worse than what you experienced.

Like you said at the start, it's my first attempt at horror, AND practically my first attempt at using Unity 3D. It was all a learning process, so I'm just surprised it turned out as decent as it did!

Thank you again,
- PixelDough :)

Made a video


Cool Game very uncomfortable environment :D

So much potential https://youtu.be/wRT8t7g6tdA