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"Without much to your name, you go about each day repeating the same boring tasks. Every day the same as the one before, like flipping an unbalanced coin. However, this time, your usual pattern will be disrupted, as you will find out that not everything is as it seems... in the Midnight Zone."

Made for the Haunted PS1's Horrifying Halloween jam!

Time: 5-10 minutes


  • Mouse - Look
  • LMB - Interact
  • RMB - Zoom
  • Scroll - Spin Item
  • C - Enable Color (Preferably play in Grayscale)

DISCLAIMER: This game utilizes functionality that allows it to obtain basic information from your computer, such as your username. If you are planning to stream this, and you believe there might be some compromising material on your computer, such as private images on your desktop, do not play this game.

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Start Survey? 28 MB
Start Survey? (Linux Beta) 34 MB
Start Survey? (Mac OS Beta) 30 MB
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the game was good but the paper in the folder was blank... also i found it a little funny that it called me "[name]'s computer" instead of just my name. interesting premise though!

I had heard of this game a while ago and never ended up playing it. I played it now and it was really cool. I really liked the concept. I got some chills down my back while playing. The ending surprised me even though I was confused at first. I give it a 5/5. I am looking forward to playing Start Survey 2 when it comes out. I included this game in my 4 scary games video. Here is the video if anyone is interested. The game starts at 0:45.

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Overall fun, heres my video on it

I played your game on my channel: 

ummm what happends


If you guys don't hear from me again ... you know what happened ... 

Good video, I played it as well. But I wasn't alone, I had cats.


Thanks bro!!! Hahaha smart move! Nice video as well :) 🍕




dude this was great i fuckin loved the photo that appeared (it was a anime man who brought me great comfort) was very sad when i lost him

for some reason its says it cannot be opened.

are you on mac?

I loved this game! Im a Mexican Youtuber that plays indie games for fun and support the author while i share his games on Youtube.

loved this and so did my community 

incrível podia ser legendado

So, i booted up the game. Worst mistake. I acidenstlly closed the game minimizing it. Cant move my curser at all. Biggest mistake ever. Laptop is fully broken now.

after the lights went out I was like "hell no" and left

I love it!

Nice little mind trip! 

interesting style.


i cant play :(


why cant i play any of the games i downloaded

me too.


Amazing game!! Very clever and well designed!! Congratz!!

How come it's so hard for me to look around? Like it's really stiff. I'm playing on Mac btw.


I put this game in this mini compilation


made a video on this it was great

This game was great, amazing, fantastic, scared me to death when the alarm went off and when the thing popped up in the room. But it was still good. props to you my guy😁👍


that was fun. i had a good laugh when it showed the file of the first meme i downloaded. i HATED the part where it showed my name. scared me half to death. i like how the game works, it's fascinating to me. keep up the good work!



OMG. I’ve implemented a similar idea (finding yourself in a simulation) like 2 years ago. Very cool.

Very cool and manages to scare me. 

I got a bit scared when the game said my name but then I realized that that what the game does and also, why would a game pick out THAT meme from my desktop lol

When it said look behind you I almost crapped my pants. Great game!

i can't play, idk why


me:my name is tony


me: :O


bro great game nice game dev

i had an idea like this a while back. thought it would be too invasive though. 

LOL. Scart game - I really enjoyed it.


this is a awesome game

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nice game, weird ending but i liked it

At the beginning i was been chill and relaxed, but as soon as door opened i put away my headset for the rest of the game.. And from that moment i was scared af, but non-the-less it was been awesome... 10/10


This was a great game for my first Youtube video. Thank you for making a great short game!

This was splendidly good! Everyone should play this game and if not, watch the video. Not what my partner and I expected but that's good. Keep the great work and looking forward to other games.
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