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"Without much to your name, you go about each day repeating the same boring tasks. Every day the same as the one before, like flipping an unbalanced coin. However, this time, your usual pattern will be disrupted, as you will find out that not everything is as it seems... in the Midnight Zone."

Made for the Haunted PS1's Horrifying Halloween jam!

Time: 5-10 minutes


  • Mouse - Look
  • LMB - Interact
  • RMB - Zoom
  • Scroll - Spin Item
  • C - Enable Color (Preferably play in Grayscale)

DISCLAIMER: This game utilizes functionality that allows it to obtain basic information from your computer, such as your username. If you are planning to stream this, and you believe there might be some compromising material on your computer, such as private images on your desktop, do not play this game.

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Updated 20 days ago
Published 29 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Made withUnity, Blender, Aseprite
TagsHorror, Retro, Short
Average sessionA few minutes
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly, Subtitles, One button
LinksDiscord Server


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Start Survey? 28 MB
Start Survey? (Linux Beta) 34 MB
Start Survey? (Mac OS Beta) 31 MB

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it will not let me download it for free please make one for free.

to clarify how to do it:


Umm hi?

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This game supports 32 bit OS?


I wanted to play the game and it showed me my school schedule, like, go back to work or something, not sure if I appreciate that hmmmmm...

Seriously though, cool game, well done!

Im on a phone, can i still play it or is it only for computers? 

No, you cannot, unfortunately. Games made for computers are made entirely different than games made for phones. 


̵̣̽A̵̦͑r̷͊ͅe̷͊ͅ ̶̗̄y̸͛͜o̶̩̔ũ̴̮ ̸̦͂h̶̻̾a̸͇̚v̵̹̏i̴̦̽n̷̟͛g̷͎͛ ̵͔͠ā̸͖ ̶̡̚n̸̥͆ỉ̵̬c̵̯̒ĕ̴͜ ̷̗̆d̴͚̏a̵̢͗ȳ̵͚?̵̟̾

lol nice :D

Yes. I'm having a good day :D. *sees da shadow.* Oh crap. nop I not

it wont let me play :(

you have to right click the game and hit 'run as administrator'. it will then let you play after you hit 'yes'.

When i down load it, it says something like this app cannot run and something about  

Application folder:
C:/Users/stamp/AppData/Local/Temp/Temp1_Start Survey (4).zip
There should be 'Start Survey_Data'
folder next to the executable

I really dont know what this means but i want to play start suvey and idk what to do

You didn’t extract the files properly. 

When you have the zip, double click on it, then double click on StartSurvey.exe

Tell it to extract all, and then it’ll ask where to extract it. Leave it at its default, and then continue. It will extract the files properly, and it should open a new window with the files there, in working condition

yeah it wont let me play :( :(

Where exactly do I right click? On launch?

I’ve been trying to look for this but I just don’t see anything

yeah it wont let me play either :( :(

how u play?how u download it?

to play, you have to right click the game and hit 'run as administrator'. it will then let you play after you hit 'yes'. to download, you hit the download now button and hit the 'no thanks, take me straight to the download'(?) button above the price.


I cant play it because it wont let me😔☹


How did it know my name?.. 0_o


IT TOOK THE DOWNLOAD BUTTON.png from my desktop i was so confused WTF


Is This a horror game?


Yes, it has the "horror" tag and was made for a Halloween jam.


SKIP TO 25:35!!!


Jeez this game messed with me more than I thought it would! Also the picture part had me dying because it got a picture of a spoon lmao great game! 

do i really have to pay for a 5-10 minute game


Nope! It's a completely free game! Just read the instructions when you click on download, there's a button to skip the payment and go straight to the downloads!


Great game. well made, but like my "paper" was blank.

It's a cool game and it ofc got my name right but the picture was a blanc paper. I am also watching a video of the game right now and she also got a blanc paper, but a couple of days ago I watched someone play this and she got one of her pictures so ye you need to do some work on the picture thing. (and yes I do have pictures on my pc)


There isn't any work to be done on it. All it does is looks at your Desktop and your Pictures folder, and takes a .png file from it. If there are no .png files directly in those folders, then it leaves it blank.


*Sigh* The woes of having linux. You can't play 70% of the games out there.

I'm still working on fixing the Linux version to work properly. I'm even partitioning my computer so I can test it myself directly.


holy fuck that ending got to me.. and it even guessed my username in the actual proper capitilaztion (all lowercase)


You Know A Game Is Good When You Get So Scared You Have To Quit At 2 In The Afternoon With 5 People Next To You. I Lasted Until The "Look Out Your Window Part" Cause I Have A Window Right Next To My Desk And Someone Threw A Stick At It Earlier Today. 


nice game


Nice game! I like the twist at the end!


I enjoyed this. Kind of weird. I ended up playing it several times trying to see if there was more to it or other ways for it to end but didn't find anything.


Oohh man... I LOVED IT! Its original, and you dont see that very often here. So are you telling me i was the computer at the end? Flying through the coding xD KEEP IT UP! This game is also a nice way for people to learn some things about you.

You are awesome!


Loved the water bottle. In a serious matter i liked the label on it and the polygons :D


Haha, thank you! The water bottle is my favorite thing I made for this game!

Here's the texture file:


This is your magnum opus Adam, i loved this game, the abrupt ending, no jumpscares, no cheap scares, that is just it! It's just not real.

I didn't get to experience the "i know who you are effect" since my username was "home" and i still haven't figured out the pattern to get your photo inside of the folder. Graphics and camera movement was great and realistic, the colors were in black in whie for fitting reasons and didn't ruin anything. Very interesting.

My biggest and only complaint, is that the questions in the survey didn't affect anything. Also not enough questions. The progressions, wait periods were fitting. I would really recommend this game to horror lovers. 8/10, decent.


Thank you so much! (^o^) I really appreciate these kinds of comments, and the detail helps me make better games in the future.

Also, I'm glad you didn't exactly get the "I know who you are" effect, because that isn't exactly what the intention was. You actually got the right effect! In my game, you're playing as YOUR OWN computer, not a person. Your name is "home"! 

I've received a lot of people telling me that the questions should have affected something, but this was by design. I regret the fact that, the way the game plays out, most people interpret the story as "an AI with free will" when it's actually the opposite. You have no free will, as whatever choices you made are the ones that the programmer wanted you to make.

But alas, it is what it is, and I'm just glad that people have been able to enjoy it in their own way!

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This game was amazing!! I didnt know what to expect but I was happy with what I experienced! 


it did not show me a picture in the folder .


This was sooo much fun!!


Hehehe I really liked this! And you know what? It actually had my heart thumping at one point! Beautifully done!


Very interesting I love how it figures out your name

well done!


Such a simple idea, but so effective! Definitely worth a go!

so effective! Definitely worth a go!



how do i play this without paying?? im 11 and i just wanna be spooked

It’s free! When you click “Download” there should be a link that says “No thanks, just take me to the downloads” and it’ll let you!

Hope you enjoy it ;D

(1 edit) (+1)

Just....just ignore the awkward bit at the start where I forgot to clip out me waiting for the recording software to sync up :P  other than that a fun wee game


Cool game! Little creepy, and with tool interact. I can say that the game isn't out to steal your data, it just looking for your username and an image on your computer. And i saw Markiplier play it!

Markipliers Video


I enjoyed this a lot


I enjoyed your game! It was so fun! Keep up the good work!

i dont know why but my mouse doesnt let me look around in game, its very glitchy and annoying. how do i fix this? ive never had this problem with any other game. im using a macbook

Im working on figuring out a fix for this at the moment, I’ve had a couple other people tell me about this issue, and hopefully I can update it soon!

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