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great game dude ,i was not expecting it to surprise me so much. And that shadow . btw i found this in folder XD.

every time I download it it brings me back to the home page

this game made me start to question reality itself, great job

That was such a creepy experience! I Love and hate it! 


anyone got a tutorial on how to get this to work?? on chromebook

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Loved the whole dystopian concept and creepy atmosphere of this game! Here is my playthrough too <3


So, does this game hack into our PC? It was fun, but it had a pic that was on my PC.

That's not CAN look at your files, though

I want to play too ....but am broke and don't have any money

It's free

so how does this work? I just want to play!

how do you play this game on the mac boo

worked for m


I really liked this game. It was a whole lot different than other horror games. I like it's style. It's really fun to play for even the cowardly people like me. I personally got scared when the clock started to ring and when the shadow appeared infront of my desk. Great job!


could you possibly make it usable for Chromebook? I really would like to play it! Thanks


This game was awesome I highly recommend playing it for yourself! I recorded my playthrough if anyone is interested in watching!

can someone help me figure out how to play the games

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who knows how too start the game

i got logged in now i dont know how too play the gam

omg I cant log in sooooo annoying

i know how



i cant figure out how to log in. It is getting very annoying!


i know how 


Had a scary Experience and might have had some glitches or errors that was not suppose to happen BUT! this game got me!

This game is great, not really any jumpscares like I expected, instead it works as a great doxing machine lol. Game is free so just download it, but if you want your expierence spoiled, here is a vid

how do i play without downloading it?

It requires a download, it can't be ran from your browser

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Watch the Start Survey game with LaurenZside on December 6 2019

Make game avalible for android


Make the game available for chromebokk too please and thankyou!


Aaauggghh! That got under my skin. Great thriller! Short, but left me wanting more. 


this was a little less scary when i opened the folder and saw this


that was legit good!! i actually felt scared! great job ^^

it´s amazing this videogame

I'm having trouble downloading it, what am I doing wrong? help??? Can someone post a tutorial on how to download this game please I keep clicking download and I payed and nothing is happening! I'm so confused on what to do

i have tried so many times on my macbook air to play this but i cant get in to it. i need help

this is so hard to download on a MacBook Air please someone tell me how


I downloaded it but it doesn't work. i use a Windows computer. it literally corrupted my computer! Now I don't have a computer, laptop or anything like that. I demand your company send me a new laptop!!

Awesome game!!!


(Your game begins at 12:00)

The power of suggestion is strong here. With a few simple questions and prompts,the game managed to play a bit with my expectations and make me brace myself for different kind of spooks much earlier by playing with my experiences with these games.

I do find the ending a little bit out of nowhere ultimately, but it definitely is a swerve I did not expect.

Overall Start Survey is a surreal, strange and unique little experience that brings the spooks in a slightly different way than most. Great stuff.


I can't take this game seriously as THIS popped up in the folder.

that's because that photo is in your fucking dumbass twat

I am aware of the reason the file popped up, it still made for a humorous situation none the less.

and it's you're not your. nothing is wrong with being gay.

I agree with the statement, in fact whenever I talk with the friend featured in the image it is almost always brought up why he consistently uses gay in such a manner. Also, I am aware of the grammatical incorrectness of the word "your" in this scenario. The word choice was done on purpose to add to the stupidity and all together crustiness of the image.

Is there a way to play this on a chrome book? I am having trouble downloading...

If so how?

how do you download it

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Good game !

I don't see anyone else talking about how it changes your background to all black, is it just me?


man when it said my name i got a little scare

How did u get it to work

idk it might just be a problem when the version your playing on or its just wont work on your pc

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Hi gloom

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