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i dont know/ No lo se


lol this game was fun . kept me on edge . boyfriend scared me while playing ;( i really like it though !!!


Well that was a weird experience, but it was fun and let you question your existence. I reccoment it to everyone. 

this is a playthrough i made check it out.

ayo i cant even play this shit bruh now im mad


can it run on 32-bit?

sorry, as far as i know it's only 64-bit


it certainly makes a good youtube video

Is this game 32bit? My pc with 64bit needs a repair. 

no, sorry, it's only 64-bit

good game, it definitely gives you something to think about. 10/10, if you're reading this, play this game. 

wow but you should keep credits at the end

That was cool.


bruh i got the chills, this ga

me is awesome. played it in my YT video

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2658never play

Hey can u make this game to android please 


I had the chills... th- the way it had my computer name and the actual time on the clock, is props to the dev. My reaction on that jump scare, scared me xD.


When you open the folder, that's a picture I made. I would like you, the creator, to remove my roblox game icon


Thanks for playing my game. The image in the folder finds a random image on your desktop to use as the asset. I did not use your game icon.


Oh, ok


total matrix refrence bruh owo 10/10 would play more if my windows xp wasn't so crappy owo


This game is just the right amount of creepy for a short horror game, excellent work !


Very cool little game, I enjoyed myself lol. Thanks For making this 👍🏻👍🏻

i's fine. it's a short horror game, it's nothing super duper awesome but it's good.

The Mac version doesn't work

I am on Mac and this isn't working for me. I even made sure I was using the Mac file. Help?

Good game

I cant download it any other link to download?

Same it won't let me download it

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I uploaded my play through, loved it guys! Well done.

how do u even play the game??!

i downloaded it then nothing happend im so mad!

This was great for being just a short little game. Kind of unnerving...wish I could have seen something much longer but not upset with the price I chose to pay. Think it was worth it. Thanks! Good

Hi! the game was an amazing experience!! glad i found out about this game. I also made a video about it. Enjot the vid and help a tiny channel out :D

Last game on the vid

It was a little different than I expected. But I enjoyed it!

Thank you. c:

super spooky, nice concept. reminds me of the watson scott test a little 

i cant do this how i can do this game i play on pc

pls help

download it


Recorded it

I complete this without jumpscare :/ Idk there's a jumpscare but this game is not scary of jumpscares like other - this is scary because HE SAID MY NAME (Windows Profile - This is true) BUT SCARY!

I'm having a bit of an issue with starting the game... I'm fairly new to the whole pc thing and I'm not sure what I may have done wrong this time lol. I downloaded the beta and the original file that says start survey. I extracted the files (which it told me it couldn't run if I didn't) and tried clicking on the game itself that was in the file. it started with the unity start up logo and it suddenly had a pop up that showed the game loading like halfway, and then close completely. again, I'm not sure if I messed up on something or if something happened lol. I was really looking forward to playing the game, would anybody be able to help?

How can i play it im new to it and i want play it 


Hi Pixeldough! I'm a Roblox developer and i like recreating horror games with the Roblox editor.

I really like your game, and want to ask you about if i can recreate your game in Roblox. It's not for money gambling.

If you doesn't think it's a good idea, i will undestand :)


I don’t mind! Just make sure you give me credit, and link to this game in the description or something. 

Okay Thanks.


Are you in the group Daxua?

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Oh you know Daxua? No i'm not a part of Daxua, but they did it good i think 😅

Are you in the group?


No, just wondering. Anyway good luck with your game :)


I'm on mac and I downloaded the game. Everything loads in fine, I just can't move my mouse around smoothly and It restrains me from looking around.


Sorry to hear that :( I’ve heard of a lot of Mac players having this issue since launch, and I have not been able to figure out how to fix it. 


Start Survey?

Created by Jaboblu

Awesome game its really original, hope you like the art.


Oh dude, this is awesome! I’ve never had anybody make fan art of my games before! You’re amazing, great work on it! :D


Thanks, I really like your game let me know when you got more projects and you can check out more of my art on my channel.

Just discovered your game and was plenty fun and intriguing. The scares really got me thinking about my own environments. will need to check out your other titles.


I played it but the folder contents just showed up blank

is there a way to fix that

There probably isn't a .png file on your desktop, or at least, it couldn't find one

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