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Is it a virus?

my mouse gets stuck and won’t allow me to move all the way around???? help please 

its not letting me play...?????

por algum motivo eu me sindo estranhamente satisfeita no final do jogo


can sum1help me? im trying to download this and i got a dell chromebook can someone help me? this looks Awesome!


i cant seem to download on this

Same . Uu must be on spring break too.

hey had to re edit the video heres the updated one.

Loosk awesome O.o

so it sees all your info and trys to B scary

You need to put in your info to play it

oh i know how it knows ur name

I like how creepy this game got will only the aid of words, and some quick moving shadows.  

how do u get to play the game


fuck you all

idk either

how does it know your name


How do you get to play the game i cant

just extract the rar file


how to play for free


you see there is 'show me the download' button.So at there you click it and then just download.The game is free.There is money on that tabs due to if you want to support the owner of the game.


This looks awesome! I am going to be livestreaming this later today with my brother at 1pm EDT, and he hates all things scary, so I will update you on how that goes.

First Game.


man this game is good I would like to know if you are going to make more like it 

Thanks a bunch! I have considered working on more games in this vein, but sadly none are in the works at the moment. Once I have an idea for one, I'll probably look into making it!

How do i play

yeah how do yo play


I really loved this moment


It was laggy when I played the game, but its still scary lmao-


That was unexpected. Thumbs up for the game.


Nice Game. But its still creepy. Greetings from Germany.

I have windows 10 and i downloaded the windows one but it didn't work. it said it can't run on this version. :( 

please tell me what  i am doing wrong

i cant do it either... kinda unwelecome in my brain till i download

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this game is know my ane but with the j lol and at the end it not scary not bad game

Nice game with my bad Translation XD

cool game :) got a spook..

Do we really have to download it like why cause i think this is creepy cause all these Question they ask like whoa and that shadow did you see it that is just crazy like jeez.


really creepy! But look behind you right now!

This is so STRANGE hahahah and when I saw my name even more!

Is there a reason why i can´t play it? Do i have to enable anything? Because the game frame appears but without a picture (for 0.01 sec) and then it just disappears...

dude, same thing happened to me too

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Good game, but how the hell do you get peoples emails? How does the game fetch it?

I'm guessing it's not my email, but my windows user?


I can’t play tell me how to play


I can’t play

Me to


I want to play this game so bad

Enjoyed playing this!

This is a creepy quick game that I enjoyed playing, especially when I looked at the door then turned back to look at the screen again and was spooked by the little black figure! Fn spooky guy haha. 

Great work!

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