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what did I do?

nothing is real…. 

interesting... haha

loved the game wish it was longer tho

When the game said my name i got scared af! thought i got hacked very good game i never seen this before XD

nice brief game

Real awesome little game. A bit spooky and an interesting concept. 

Absolutely love this game - here is my playthrough video if your interested :)

cuando el juego me dijo "PC?" le dije "YES" osea.. creo que le dije "NO" o "YES".. una de las 2, pero ese no es el punto, JAJAJ, el punto es que ni me dio miedo, el de roblox da un poco de ams miedo. 5/10!💓

Any game able to scare KT is a 100/10 for me - Klin

Pretty simple and well executed game, lost the PS1 style graphics.

no jumpscare at the end 0/10 


cool game had fun playing it 

spooky Also IM BACK





had a great time playing

fun and weird game , enjoyed it though !

I m dead when a game whrite my name lol sorry for my bad english good job xD 
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amazing game

Fun and weird at the same time. Really enjoyed it.

a really fun yet straightforward game


great meta game!



Good story

hecked my pc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm late to this game, but boy am I glad I finally played it. So good, I'm excited to check out more from this dev! Give it a try!!

Really good game

this game made me question reality 

Scared the hell out of me when it gave me my information... Anyways, great game

This is a fun little game and I really like the atmosphere of it.

Keep up the good work!!!

I know who I am now!!!

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It was great, it's very good at keeping you tense, a little scary when it show's a pic but it's great

W GAME!!!!

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