Apology and Info

So as some of you probably noticed, none of the levels past the 9th have been playable. I'd like to apologize for that, and let you know that I AM working on those levels. 

When I was working on the game a month ago, I expected to have all 24 levels completed before December 1st. However, some systems had to be changed, and I ended up upping the quality of my levels quite a bit, from a level design perspective and an aesthetic perspective. By launch day, I only had about 4 levels completed. I worked hard to set up a system that would allow me to update the game, and notify every player that an update was available. Sadly, school became a little overwhelming, and I burned myself out on making levels. I also had some serious technical issues, as an update for GameMaker Studio 2 completely broke my camera system, making the game unplayable for a few days before I was able to revert the update.

I feel so disappointed in myself for getting so far behind on making levels for you...

I've been highly motivated by the couple people who have payed for my game, and I want to make it worth your money by Christmas :)

I will be making levels as fast as I can, and I hope you enjoy them as much as all the ones already in the game <3

Keep your eyes open for updates in the following days.

~ Adam

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