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After a group of elves mistake Polly for a toy, Percy the Penguin must get to Santa's workshop before Christmas Day to save her from becoming a Christmas present. 

Inspired by level-based platformers of old (such as Super Mario Bros. 2 and 3), features simple enemies and platforming that makes for a fun adventure, with a secret to find in every level!

  • Sequel to the free arcade-style game Percy the Penguin Saves Christmas
  • Features 24 levels spread throughout 4 unique worlds!
    • A new level is unlocked every day, making this game a fully fledged advent calendar!
    • A reward is hidden inside each level
    • Try to beat the developer's time in each level
  • An awesome chiptune soundtrack
  • A retro filter to make the game look extra crunchy


Developed by: PixelDough

Music by: MasterSquiddie

Art based on: https://opengameart.org/content/tux-bros


Right now, the game is in a playable state. However, as of the release date, I have only worked on this game for 2 months, and I will be spending time throughout December adding new content, possibly reworking some levels, and fixing lots of bugs people might have. Also, not every level is in the game yet, so be sure to check daily for an update, as I'll be making more levels throughout the month, before they become available in game. Although I'd love for you to start this game on December 1st, it's okay to start whenever you want, as I've set up multiple calendar modes so the game is playable all throughout the year. Please give me feedback about anything in this game, as I hope to continue development on this for a while. Also, do not forget to update your game when I release updates.

Planned Features

  • Animated opening cutscene (had to use a storybook intro due to time constraints).
  • More music, with a downloadable soundtrack!
  • Possibly boss battles at the end of each world (giant bosses, oh my).
  • Switch version (if this gets popular enough and I can afford a dev kit <3).


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Nice game, it reminds me the Super Mario Bros series. I'll stay in contact for futures updates because this game worths so much.

Thank you! I was inspired a lot by a good number of classic platformer games, and tried to make the art feel retro :) I hope you enjoy what's in store!

Have a merry Christmas!

i can't access the stages 8 and up

I just wrote a blog post about everything that's been going on. Expect the levels to be completed in the following few days :)

Made a video

I just tried the game and omg is beautiful, my congratulations for the incredible work, I love it! Can't wait to see the other levels throughout the month. (I think got there in time lol)


Thank you so much! :D It's been a lot of work, and I've put a lot of my heart into it, and it's honestly so nice hearing such kind words about it! I hope you enjoy this Christmas season, God bless you!