Halted Development

Earlier this month YoYoGames released an updated runtime for Gamemaker Studio 2 which made some changes to how certain things worked inside the game engine. Although all of my code already followed the new rules they set in place, something about what they changed completely ruined every single one of my projects. The cameras no longer move, and everything is rendered incorrectly, making the game unplayable for all intents and purposes. I was expecting a lot of people to have the same problems, which would get them to update the runtimes fixing these issues. However, it seems I'm the only one experiencing this, and I doubt they'll fix it any time soon. I've tried to fix the problems on my end, but my game has such a foundation in how it used to work that I can no longer see a way to fix it without ruining everything else in the game. The engine won't let me revert to the older runtime either, so that's not an option either.

For now, the game is on hold until further notice. I wish I had better news, but until something is changed in the game engine itself, I can't work on my game.

~ Adam "PixelDough" Worrell

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