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Very nice unsettling atmospheric game that keeps you on edge. Love it. Thanks for the content! 


this game creeped the heck out of me but amazing


That jumpscare got me! xD


Really cool concept, makes me look all over the room every time I proceed with the survey. The game has a vibe of Stanley Parable (which I love!!!!), but it is a horror game! I wish there were more different options and endings, and I am really looking forward to playing a more complete version of the game:)

Thank you for the experience !!!

I made a 3 Scary Games video and this was the first game I played. The 2 games I played after Start Survey were a lot bigger in some aspects but neither had the same scary atmosphere as Start Survey. I think that really says a lot about how a game doesn't need to be over complex to be a good horror game.


truly an amazing game it did a really good job of doing unexpected scares and found it one of the scariest games on here


Short and scary just how we like it !


damn this game is really creepy

Creepy questions... but someone had to ask them... also i love that you can interact with stuff!! :D :D :D 


had to take my headphones off towards the end, ngl. Nice job on these creepy vibes.

Subtle jumpscare, but the build up to it was a horrifying experience.

Skip to 12:41

Cool Little Creepy Game

literally the first time ive ever played smth like this, made me paranoid af 

I am free now. 10 out of 10

this is an amazing game it is fun to play and a huge brain fart

A simple but creative game


it freaked me out

Thanks again for this awesome game! This is one of my first playthroughs so I was shy about delving into the philosophical elements. I was nervous and concerned of how long it'd take to talk about everything because some of these questions are "personal". Even though they are questions that we likely all ask ourselves. 

The existential prodding plus the occasional scare makes it a fun experience. The ending was SO trippy but I loved it. I'm STILL thinking about what it said at the end. Looking forward to any sequels or games like this one.


Loved the turn the game takes at the end. Didn't see that coming.

Thanks so much for making this game PixelDough I had a lot of fun answering all the question, specifically the existential ones (did your game actually retrieve data from my PC?? Dude, that´s amazing!!). Really nicely done and I loved the twisty little ending there. I´m glad you're working on the next sequel (?), looking forward to play it. 

i love the questions, it became a philosophical video instead of just a gameplay XD great job!

To answer your question no I am not alone.  

Played this for a 4 Random Horror Games and it was awesome! Great job!!

How can you change the name so that another name appears in the game? wanted to put my friend's name to scare him

I think it is the name of the PC you are playing on.

It's a well made game that had me actually hooked it was nice atmosphere but it shifted to horror really quick and i like what you did well done good job 


how do i start playing

its good but can be more


See our full review here; (#1)


Hooga booga the spooka got me! i stole a Rubik's cube how ever so i got the last laugh in the end! it tried to guess my name and couldn't fit the whole thing lol

I LOVE the concept behind this game and would love to see more of it. It was really freaky when it 'guessed' my username. Would be really cool to see it dig up more info to add to the overall creepy vibe. The ending was great. <3

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i dont know/ No lo se

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